Stephanie (dragonrhapsody) wrote in otakusenshi,

Sailormoon: Otaku Wars

I'm not too sure if anyone has ever heard of the Sailor Wars, originally run by Sakky at but the site was recently shut down.

Sailor Wars is a website, dedicated to helping authors with their Sailor Senshi.

Authors send in their Sailor Senshi, with an image, to the website and a "battle" between Senshi is "fought" out. Obviously it's not a real fight, but the two Senshi in battle get comments and votes from the viewers of the website.

From the ashes of Sailor Wars, I created Otaku Wars.

A site simular in every aspect, where we'd like to help you out by giving you feedback on your creations.

If you're interested in getting some feedback and criticism, and have some fun, too, please check out the website!

Otaku Wars


PS -- I also hope that this will spark some more interest into this community, Otaku Senshi, and if anyone is still looking for critique's, please do post your Senshi. Despite the lack of activity, I'd still like to keep the site alive, as it's new Moderator.
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