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revive this community?

So, since I'm a co-maintainer of this comm and all *wavies at dragonrhapsody who she knows is at least active on dA* , and it seems like there's been an upsurge in activity in the SM fandom lately (or I'm just smoking special crack, but there is activity, anyway) it seems like a good idea to revive otakusenshi from the dead. :-)

So, what would people like to see on this community? Fanart? Fanfic? criticism? some combination thereof?

Certainly I encourage people to post their devArt drawings (or drawings elsewhere) on the community, even if you aren't looking for critique, esp. since i know it feels sort of awkward posting them on sailormoonfans sometimes (one isn't always sure if your fan chara are welcome there, since some sm fans frown on otakusenshi.)

I also encourage people to tell us when they have new chapters of their fanfics out, and to plug their fics in general, as long as you don't plug it constantly when there's no new content.

Also, it's always hard to find good otakusenshi 'fics (If only because people often don't take them seriously) so if you guys have any recommendations/reviews (just keep it positive--if you want to flame bad fic, this isn't the place), I'd love you to share them!

DragonRhapsody-san, please let me know if I am out of line in any of my suggestions. :-) It just made me sad to see this community all abandoned and alone when there's still great otaku senshi out there. :-)
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