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The profile of the one and only Sailor Star

Well, I think I've finally finished the beast. Look over her profile and let me know what you think!

Bear with me, as this profile is almost constantly changing.

Name: Bethany Sullivan
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Light brown, falls to just below her hips. Usually is held back from the ears up by a barrette.
Eyes: Brown, silver in Senshi form
Birthdate: July 16
Sign: Cancer
Favorite Jewel: Any
Nationality: American
Hobby: Reading, writing, drawing, sleeping, anime
Favorite food: Seafood
Least favorite: Cottage cheese, rice
Best subject: Art, English
Worst subject: Math, PE
Strengths: Very loyal, determined, and steadfast.
Weaknesses: Scatterbrained and lazy, daydreamer and somewhat naive.

Origin: Sailor Star is the daughter of Queen Beryl, as a result of a one-night stand she had after a monumental heartbreak. When she was born, Beryl handed her over to her father to raise and had nothing to do with either of them ever again. Shortly after her first birthday, Queen Serenity learned of her and thought it best if she took her on as a Senshi, to prevent any powers she might have being misused by the enemy. She extracted a miniscule portion of each existing Senshi's powers, combined them with a small shard from the Silver Crystal, and created Sailor Star's transformation item, which is the barrette she always wears in her hair.

Serenity kept Sailor Star's existence a secret, intending that she only reveal herself as a last resort, if something happened to the other Senshi and nobody was able to protect the Princess. However, one day, Saturn was exploring in the castle where she was not supposed to be and found Star practicing with her sword. Despite this inauspicious beginning, they became fast friends, although Serenity did make Saturn swear an oath not to tell anyone else of Star's presence.

When the Earth attacked the moon, Sailor Star was the first to discover the invasion and ran to tell the Queen. A youma flung an energy bolt at her as she fled, dealing her a mortal blow. She made her way to the Queen and with her dying breath, gasped out that the invasion had begun.

On Earth, she was reborn, and managed to keep most of her memories, most probably due to the influence of the Silver Crystal shard. Her family is nearly the same, although her mother on Earth died giving birth to her. However, her father, older brother, and uncle have no memory of their past lives and she is hesitant to tell them about her alter ego.

Powers, Etc.:

Transformation: Star Crystal Power. The crystal shard in the center of the barrette glows, and spits out black and silver ribbons. The ribbons wind around her body, settle, and fade into her fuku. She doesn't wear her glasses as a Senshi. Later on, her katana also appears strapped to her side.

Her fuku is primarily black and silver. Her tiara is silver, with a small black jewel in the center. She wears two pairs of little silver star earrings, and her choker is black with a silver star. Her collar is black, with one silver line, and her sleeves are translucent, with little silver sparkles. Her bows are both silver, and the back bow has two additional little ribbons trailing off it, which are black. Her brooch matches her barrette, which is a black star, made out of something that looks like obsidian. A silver crystal shard is in the center, in mimicry of the original in the barrette. Her bodysuit is white. Two flat ribbons join the skirt to the bodysuit, one black, one silver. Another replica of the barrette sits at the lowest visible point on the bodysuit. She has two skirts, the top one black, the bottom silver. And finally, she has black knee high boots, with normal circular tops. Later, with the addition of her katana, one black and one silver ribbon each secure it to her left side, and yet another replica of her barrette is on the case.

Her first attack is the Star Psyche Strike. A silver aura forms around her hand as she puts two fingers to her temples and closes her eyes. The glow brightens and she snaps her hand down, concentrating the energy at one point, then flicks her wrist three times, creating little star-shaped energy bolts, and she hurls them like shuriken at the enemy.

Her second attack is the Starlight Holy Radiance. The crystals in her barrette and brooch emit light, which seems to liquefy and flow to her hand. She pours it from one hand to the other, and then back, then throws it above her head. It becomes energy and attacks the enemy.

She has another attack, which involves her katana, although it doesn’t have a vocal component to it and really doesn't count. All she does is draw her katana and shine light into the enemies' eyes. Occasionally she does use the light as a weak shield from attacks. Some attack, huh?

Personality: Sailor Star is a rather typical Cancer. She stays within her little shell much of the time, and has no qualms about retreating into it if something unnerves her. She is an excellent artist and writer, and has good grades, that is, when she actually exerts the effort required to do the classwork. Otherwise, she is incredibly lazy, and a daydreamer. She is also scatterbrained and has repeatedly forgotten her katana at home while rushing to an attack scene. She does get irritated easily, and when she does, a nasty sarcastic streak reveals itself and she will hurl insults without thinking of the consequences. She’s cynical about almost everything, which tends to annoy the living daylights out of everyone around her. If you can get through her cynical and sarcastic exterior, though, you will find one of the most loyal and protective friends you could ever have. When she does make up her mind to do something, she will stick with it until it’s finished.

Additional Notes: Deep within her, there is a dark power slumbering. Serenity took her on as a Senshi in order to prevent the power being misused, but nobody knows what form it would take if it were. Her Senshi powers are structured so that if she ever uses the dark power, her brooch will shatter and her career as a Senshi will be over from then on.

Her katana was not originally part of her powers, but after she managed to leave it at home for the fifth time or so, Serenity appeared to her and adjusted her powers so that the katana would come when she transformed. Before that, she carried it around disguised as a shinai or a bokken.

Other relationships, past, present, and future:

Sailor Moon/Neo-Queen Serenity: Very respectful and loyal. Usagi likes her, but does find her a bit strange.
Sailor Mercury: Cordial, but not overly friendly to each other
Sailor Mars: Wary of each other. She is rather creeped out by Rei’s spiritual powers, and Rei is wary of the darkness in her.
Sailor Jupiter: Cordial. She admires Makoto’s cooking, and Makoto is flattered by the attention
Sailor Venus: Minako’s constant boy talk irritates her. Minako, in turn, thinks she needs to lighten up.
Sailor Uranus: Major animosity here. Haruka goes to great lengths to try to keep her away from Hotaru, as she thinks Bethany is a bad influence. Bethany, in turn, thinks that Haruka’s arrogant and snobby, and takes great pleasure in needling her.
Sailor Neptune: Animosity. Michiru also thinks that Bethany is a bad influence, but won’t go out of her way to annoy her. Bethany, in turn, likes to pretend that Michiru doesn’t exist to an extreme.
Sailor Pluto: Some animosity. Pluto does not like the thought of Hotaru hanging out with a ‘renegade’, but won’t stop her, either. Bethany is more likely to listen to anything Pluto might have to say, although acting on it is another matter.
Sailor Saturn: Good friends. Bethany is protective of the smaller girl, and Hotaru in turn defends Bethany’s actions to her ‘parents’.
Chibiusa: Good. Bethany is protective of Chibiusa as well, and occasionally lets her get away with a few things the other Senshi would not have. Chibiusa is fond of Bethany, even though she doesn’t see her very often.
Mamoru: Cordial. Mamoru simply lets anything Bethany does fly right over his head, and she will occasionally gently rib him about his relationship with Usagi.
Luna, Artemis: Wary. Luna and Artemis know nothing about Bethany, and she likes to keep it that way.

Family: In both incarnations, she had a father, older brother, and uncle. In the past, her father was a nobleman from Earth with a sizeable kingdom. Today, he is a businessman with a large corporation. Either way, she lacked nothing and is a bit spoiled. Her brother, in both incarnations, kept an eye on her as she was growing up. Her uncle in both incarnations acted much like a second mother.

She loves her brother dearly, and has an almost worshipful attitude towards him. Anything he says to her she treats as the gospel truth. He is very serious where Bethany is carefree, and occasionally has to bring her back off whatever cloud she’s gone off to. He’s protective of his sister to a fault, and occasionally gets a bit overbearing.

Bethany loves her father as well, although her attitude is more reverent than anything else. Due to the nature of his work, she rarely sees him, although they make efforts to keep in touch. He likes to send her little presents from wherever he’s working at, and is a touch overindulgent when he does see her in person.

She is in awe of her uncle, although they have had arguments now and then. He is the primary disciplinarian of the house, and occasionally Bethany runs off to her father or brother when she thinks her uncle’s being unfair. He has a dry sense of humor and is not above embarrassing Bethany slightly when she’s misbehaving. He is somewhat enigmatic, and almost never divulges his reasons for his actions.
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