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16th September 2009

sion_darkness12:02pm: Hi everyone!
I wish to share with you my fanart work.

MMP: Sailor Saturn

by ~sionra on deviantART

I hope you like it ^^

17th August 2009

sailor_titan6:15pm: Reviews
Okay, everyone!

Here's the deal. As part of my quest to expand otakusenshi to a resource of all things fan senshi as well as a critiquing LJ, I'd like to post reviews of otaku senshi fanfic--not just from the perspective of "here's how you can improve" (though if you want me to do that, i'd be happy to do so) but also from the perspective of "here are some good fics to read." I don't really know where to start, though. So...

Would someone plug their fanfic for me to read? I'm looking for active or finished fics only. If you haven't updated in over a year and you have no immediate plans to do so, it's frustrating if I get into the story and then it has no conclusion. :-)

I will only post a review if I like the 'fic, unless you give me your express permission otherwise. There's plenty of !badfic comms out there; we all know it's easy to find badfic. I'm looking for good 'fics, because finding otaku senshi fanfictions that are good is very hard, and personally, I'd like to see more of them.

BTW, for those of you who are wondering, if you do give your permission for me to post a non-recommended review, it won't be a flame review. Again, there's plenty of other places for that. Criticism will be specific and not hateful.

also, if you know of good otaku fic that isn't yours, I'd be happy to review that too (it's always good to support good 'fic authors!). Finally, if you want to submit a positive review of your own, I encourage that as well!
sailor_titan2:34pm: parallel sailor moon in color?
I'd love to get a picture of Parallel Sailor Moon (kousagi) in color for the journal icon (It seems very appropriate ;-) ) If anyone has a picture they've colored that they'd be willing to donate, or a freehand drawing, I'd be eternally (sailor moon?) grateful. :-) Thanks!

15th August 2009

sailor_titan3:03pm: revive this community?
So, since I'm a co-maintainer of this comm and all *wavies at dragonrhapsody who she knows is at least active on dA* , and it seems like there's been an upsurge in activity in the SM fandom lately (or I'm just smoking special crack, but there is activity, anyway) it seems like a good idea to revive otakusenshi from the dead. :-)

So, what would people like to see on this community? Fanart? Fanfic? criticism? some combination thereof?

Certainly I encourage people to post their devArt drawings (or drawings elsewhere) on the community, even if you aren't looking for critique, esp. since i know it feels sort of awkward posting them on sailormoonfans sometimes (one isn't always sure if your fan chara are welcome there, since some sm fans frown on otakusenshi.)

I also encourage people to tell us when they have new chapters of their fanfics out, and to plug their fics in general, as long as you don't plug it constantly when there's no new content.

Also, it's always hard to find good otakusenshi 'fics (If only because people often don't take them seriously) so if you guys have any recommendations/reviews (just keep it positive--if you want to flame bad fic, this isn't the place), I'd love you to share them!

DragonRhapsody-san, please let me know if I am out of line in any of my suggestions. :-) It just made me sad to see this community all abandoned and alone when there's still great otaku senshi out there. :-)
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15th April 2009

anarchicq10:34am: fansenshi art
I redrew an old pic of mine of my fansenshi SailorAnubis strangling SailorMoon.
The new one is Here.
And here is the old version.

1st September 2006

anarchicq4:20pm: Psychosis - The Realm of SailorAnubis updated
Yeah, I actually updated Psychosis. But I updated it with actual CONTENT!
Chapter 4 of Pocket Full of Ultra-violence is up, along with a new peice of fanart. I also cleaned up some links and added a shoutbox for that added oomph of interactivity.

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11th June 2006

anarchicq4:16pm: COSMIClub - A Sailormoon fic-zine
COSMIClub is a Sailor Moon OC-only (meaning: you'll never see Sailor Moon, Mercury, etc, played by any member here. Ever.) RPG that's... not really an RPG.

Cosmiclub is a community that encourages members to meet other fansenshi creators and have their characters interact with each other in the "Cosmic-verse". Members submit their art and stories to be published in the online fanzine that's released every other month or so (release schedule to be decided later) and get feedback from each other. In a nutshell, Cosmiclub provides an excuse for the multitude of fan senshi based in Tokyo to meet up with each other and swap stories about their pasts.


5th March 2006

dragonrhapsody5:49pm: Sailormoon: Otaku Wars
I'm not too sure if anyone has ever heard of the Sailor Wars, originally run by Sakky at http://www.sailorastera.com/sailorwars/ but the site was recently shut down.

Sailor Wars is a website, dedicated to helping authors with their Sailor Senshi.

Authors send in their Sailor Senshi, with an image, to the website and a "battle" between Senshi is "fought" out. Obviously it's not a real fight, but the two Senshi in battle get comments and votes from the viewers of the website.

From the ashes of Sailor Wars, I created Otaku Wars.

A site simular in every aspect, where we'd like to help you out by giving you feedback on your creations.

If you're interested in getting some feedback and criticism, and have some fun, too, please check out the website!

Otaku Wars


PS -- I also hope that this will spark some more interest into this community, Otaku Senshi, and if anyone is still looking for critique's, please do post your Senshi. Despite the lack of activity, I'd still like to keep the site alive, as it's new Moderator.

8th May 2005

swan_princess5:14pm: Sailor Kami
Dead community. Hurrah!

Well, if any of you are still around, I'd love it if you could give me some criticism for my sailor senshi, Sailor Kami (no, it's not what you think~). She's for an original RPG I started.. I think I've done pretty well, although the history is a bit iffy.

The basic plot of the RPG: Young girls are visited by Japanese goddesses after terrible times in their lives. The goddesses swear to look after them - for a price. After twelve years, the girls' lives have taken them to Ashikaga, Tochigi, where they must keep their promises. They become the Goddess Senshi, defeating the devils that seek revenge on the living.

Click for profileCollapse )

26th April 2005

rockoncalico3:54pm: http://www.dragonweave.com/chinese-japanese-symbol-charms-m.html#otaku

Every Otaku should have one :)
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31st December 2004

silvertsubasa1:00am: Sailor Polaris is a new senshi of mine. Male Senshi, it makes me happy and its somewhat unusual. I created him for a RPG of friends I'm joining. Its based in the future in Crystal Tokyo. Parts of him accidentally turn out a puns on old characters that I've used in the past, but it turned out pretty well I think. What do people think?

Sailor Polaris

He's from Senshi University by the way (and for everyone in this community, you should go cheack it out its otaku senshi themed and we need more people. Especially people who are willing to take on the roles of the origanal Sailor Team too. Go look, we'd love to have anyone and everyone).
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15th December 2004

linuial4:48pm: Hi! This is my first post to this community.

I was just looking for something I read a while ago - there used to be a site called "Sailor Orion's Refuge". It went offline some considerable time ago, but I just suddenly had an urge to re-read it. I was wondering if anyone has any links to somewhere else it would have been stored or any of the pictures or the stories themselves or anything. It's just I have such fond memories of this otaku senshi, even if it will never be finished.

If anyone could help I would possibly love them for the rest of my life.

I might post with details of a senshi of my own if I can work up enough courage...

Thanks in advance. Even if you can't help feel free to comment - I don't bite! Hard...
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8th June 2004

jabberwalkin2:13am: Senshi reveiw goes here? I hope.
Name: Psi
E-mail: Psi@otakusenshi.com
Profile: http://www.geocities.com/jabberwalkin/Psi.htm

Comments - Sailor Psi is an old senshi of mine. She has recently gotten a makeover, and a new profile. I do wish to make her great, and I will take opinions from anyone. Thank you all!

28th May 2004

puff22_20013:57pm: Starseed said to post otaku senshi here.
My Name-Dominique
My Email-puff22_2001@yahoo.com
Profile URL-http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/kaocuties/Temp.html

Comments-First I'd like to say I created this senshi when I was twelve. She's not very good, but I'd like help in fixing her to be better, without changing too much about her. Also, I was a real uppity kid, so please excuse any rudeness in the profile. Any and all help is greatly welcome.
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27th April 2004

juliacromwell3:39pm: Bssm Journey chapter one
can some one look at this?

i'd love comments.
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11th April 2004

silvertsubasa9:59pm: la,

lurkity lurk. Hi, I'm new...but the board interested me and I was just about to layth some major smackth downth over at Sailormoonsues, for the the way those evil B****** treat peoples hard work, but decided that it would be more constructive to come over here and stop lurking. So hello!

16th March 2004

faterpg7:39pm: FATE: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth - A Sailormoon RPG
From the creators of AsylumRPG, welcome to another Dark side of the Moon.

It's Crystal Tokyo, and SuperSailorPluto has seen a vision of a new vile evil closing in on their perfect life, but there is hope! The senshi must plunge their snow-coloured gloved hands into the eyesockets of the very people they swore to protect, and pull out a "Fate's Eye", leaving behind a husk of human, hollow of eyesocket, and of soul.

When people realize how dead the Fate's Eye givers become, a law is passed that one must surrender their Fate's Eye. Eventually, newborns are lawfully bound to be raped of their Fate's Eye at birth.

The darkness is closing in...can you, the senshi, stop it?

NOTE: This RP has a set plot and at times, the mods may control certain aspects or deny plots. If this is not to your liking, please re-consider joining.

All inner senshi positions available to be filled.

For the full story, and more information, please visit FATE: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth.

19th February 2004

kunenk11:03am: Greetings and all that.
'Allo. Been poking around a bit and thought I'd say 'hi'. So, 'hi'.
Also, I'd just like to ask if anyone has any particular anti-canonical otaku senshi that they find really annoying. It's for a parody I will probably get around to finishing the first chapter of this year. Hopefully. So, um… yeah. I'll go back to lurking now…
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12th February 2004

anriko1:59am: Yeah, I suppose it's ready now for a formal review...


Be honest, now! ^^

19th January 2004

liz_fushia1:37pm: Hi. ^^
...United Angels RPG needs YOO!

...Yes, you. In the back row. Ducking your head. The Alliance of Angels needs YOU!

...Because there are only four angels being played right now. -.-

So join United Angels RPG- Alliance of Angels!

13th November 2003

neofox8:41am: SailorMoon Gallery
Hey fellow Moonies

Just thought I'd tell you about the new Deviant Art community that I have squozed out!

For moon fanartists to post up their work of senshi or even fan sailormoon characters!
If you don't have a DA account (thusly you can't note us to join)- you can just msg me here with the needed info and I'll give ya the user name and password
Lets make this one of the biggest collect galleries of sailormoon art!

Long luv Saiormoon ^^
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29th October 2003

anriko4:01am: The profile of the one and only Sailor Star
Well, I think I've finally finished the beast. Look over her profile and let me know what you think!

Large profile back here. ^^;;Collapse )
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27th October 2003

sailor_titan10:05am: w00t, more profiles
Hello everyone. I guess this is actually my first post...-_-;;;

anyway, I updated a bunch of profiles on my site. This is *not* an official review request. There are several things that make this a bad idea, but mostly that I don't explain every single thing in detail on the profiles since it is supposed to be a non-spoiler profile and since a lot of this information is available elsewhere on the site.

Mostly I want to know if

a. The profiles are free of errors (duh)
b. They catch your interesting/eye
c. Any of the narration is a bit clumsy or jagged.


without further ado...

Sailor Charon
Sailor Phoebe
Sailor Miranda
Sailor Titan

Again, this is for the narrative style and "draw" value of each profile, not for actual details on each character. If you want to bitch about how Tokimo is unrealistic or something, you can, but there's not much point since her character is already in the fic.
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