Katherine Isham (sailor_titan) wrote in otakusenshi,
Katherine Isham


Okay, everyone!

Here's the deal. As part of my quest to expand otakusenshi to a resource of all things fan senshi as well as a critiquing LJ, I'd like to post reviews of otaku senshi fanfic--not just from the perspective of "here's how you can improve" (though if you want me to do that, i'd be happy to do so) but also from the perspective of "here are some good fics to read." I don't really know where to start, though. So...

Would someone plug their fanfic for me to read? I'm looking for active or finished fics only. If you haven't updated in over a year and you have no immediate plans to do so, it's frustrating if I get into the story and then it has no conclusion. :-)

I will only post a review if I like the 'fic, unless you give me your express permission otherwise. There's plenty of !badfic comms out there; we all know it's easy to find badfic. I'm looking for good 'fics, because finding otaku senshi fanfictions that are good is very hard, and personally, I'd like to see more of them.

BTW, for those of you who are wondering, if you do give your permission for me to post a non-recommended review, it won't be a flame review. Again, there's plenty of other places for that. Criticism will be specific and not hateful.

also, if you know of good otaku fic that isn't yours, I'd be happy to review that too (it's always good to support good 'fic authors!). Finally, if you want to submit a positive review of your own, I encourage that as well!
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