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w00t, more profiles

Hello everyone. I guess this is actually my first post...-_-;;;

anyway, I updated a bunch of profiles on my site. This is *not* an official review request. There are several things that make this a bad idea, but mostly that I don't explain every single thing in detail on the profiles since it is supposed to be a non-spoiler profile and since a lot of this information is available elsewhere on the site.

Mostly I want to know if

a. The profiles are free of errors (duh)
b. They catch your interesting/eye
c. Any of the narration is a bit clumsy or jagged.


without further ado...

Sailor Charon
Sailor Phoebe
Sailor Miranda
Sailor Titan

Again, this is for the narrative style and "draw" value of each profile, not for actual details on each character. If you want to bitch about how Tokimo is unrealistic or something, you can, but there's not much point since her character is already in the fic.
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