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Otaku Senshi Reviews

Otaku Senshi
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This community is for the topic of Otaku Senshi, {fan-created characters} for the anime and manga Sailor Moon. Discussion, philosophy, plugs (including for RPGs), fanart/character drawings, fic recommendations, constructive criticism, requests for reviews and beta readers...all are welcome here! If it's related to fan senshi, it's fair game.

A few notes:
  • If you're posting critique, Please stick to constructive criticism. Don't just tell someone they suck, tell them why they suck.
  • If someone doesn't ask for C&C, refrain from offering your opinion.

    As a side note, this community is for those who like and are interested in Otaku Senshi. We, as a community, are here to help all those who are in need of help or just want to share their or others' creations. If you think the concept is inherently stupid, you and your opinions are welcome to go elsewhere (sailormoonsues for example) and complain to your hearts' content, but leave us our happy delusions, please.

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